The 1940s was full of classic dresses and working women.


While the men were off at war the women were left behind and began to enter the work field to help support their families and their country. There was also a great deal that helped with the war efforts abroad as part of the military. Because the need was so great propaganda popped up all over the place encouraging women to help in the war. If you would like to learn more about the great role women played in WWII during the 1940s check out this great article.

For these photos we headed over to the Legacy Flight Museum. We were able to use their WWII vehicles (both airplanes and old cars) in our shoot. The thing that really pulled everything together were the old uniforms and classic 1940s dresses.


BrittanyBostrom, WAC, 1940s, WWII, propaganda, women


BrittanyBostrom, women, 1940s, WWII, car


BrittanyBostrom, women, driving, WWII, 1940s


BrittanyBostrom, women, WWII, 1940s, service


While many women chose to help in the military there were quite a few who were left at home.

BrittanyBostrom, WWII, 1940s, left, at, home


BrittanyBostrom, WWII, 1940s, blue, dress


BrittanyBostrom, WWII, 1940s, left, at, home, women


BrittanyBostrom, WWII, 1940s, swirling, dress