The past 3 months have been full of inspiration and great photographs.


I have never considered myself a dramatic person. In fact, I am the type of person who avoids drama as much as possible when it comes to my personal life. But these past 3 months I have thrown myself into developing as a photographer and what I have found is I love dramatic photographs. I love intense shadows, bold colors, and open open space around a clear subject. These 3 things, I feel, create a dramatic feeling and give emotion to a photograph.

To create that drama I have began experimenting with different lighting strategies. For quite a few of the images below I used strategically placed speed lights. These external flashes allow me to capture motion, as you can see in my photos with breaking glass. They also allow me to add dramatic shadows choose what part of the image I want lit. As Dave Black says, “If you want a photograph to really look interesting, you should only light part of it.” As you can see in some of my portraits and product shots creating those shadows add interest and give the photo more feeling.

I also have experimented with long exposures (the photo with the boat was a 30 second exposure with a little candle and boat on a shelf in my living room). And of course I also love just using natural light to get a great shot (the landscapes and last 2 portraits are using natural light).

Take a look at my top 12 images from this semester:


BrittanyBostrom, 1940s, WWII, longing, for, home


Brittany Bostrom, green, leaf, fine, art, print




BrittanyBostrom, sunset, weeds




Finding a sunset on your shelf. That's extraordinary. #comm316 #bbphotodesign #candlesun #OSES


BrittanyBostrom, shoot, through, breaking, glass


BrittanyBostrom, dead, flowers, splah, photography, breaking, glass


Brittany Bostrom, lipstick, macro, water drop, beauty


BrittanyBostrom, WAC, 1940s, WWII, propaganda, women


BrittanyBostrom--1 3


BrittanyBostrom--4 2