When you have a speed light you can catch some amazing photographs that capture movement.


Let’s start off with my sugar photographs. For these images my professor, Derek Miller, helped me set everything up. We used a speed light and a black background to catch all the movement and single granules of sugar falling on the subjects. It was so cool seeing an everyday action (pouring sugar on cereal or strawberries) turn into an amazing photograph. One of the shots caught the cereal falling off the spoon to create even more movement.


Brittany Bostrom, sugar, falling, cereal, speed, light


Brittany Bostrom, sugar, cereal, speed, light


Brittany Bostrom, sugar, strawberry, speed, light



Now I have an example of what you can capture using a fog machine, flash filters (a red and a blue one), and a few speed lights. Asking my models to dance created the movement I was hoping to capture. There is so much you can do with speed lights! Check out some other examples; the possibilities are endless!


Brittany Bostrom, fog, dancing, speed, light