Have you ever looked at smoke and thought “Wow that’s beautiful” and wished you could capture in in a photograph? Well when you have a speed light you are able to do just that.


This was an interesting process. It took some time and experimenting before I finally got a good shot, but it was totally worth it. Using an incense stick, a black background, and a speed light gave me these beautiful shots. My professor, Derek Miller, helped me through the whole process. For each picture we allowed the smoke to build and then right before I took the shot we would blow or wave air towards the smoke to create different shapes. In the post process I was able to enhance the colors and change them to be green, pink, indigo, and royal blue.


Brittany Bostrom, smoke, green, speed, light


Brittany Bostrom, smoke, pink, speed, light


Brittany Bostrom, smoke, royal, blue, speed, light


Brittany Bostrom, smoke, indigo, speed, light


Here are some more great examples of what you can do using smoke as your subject.