Everyone likes a good skull sticker… right?

This project was a quick one. I decided to create a set of 3 stickers. I have always wanted to play with creating skulls so I took this project to do that. I didn’t want to do 3 of the same style however, so I chose 3 different styles. None of them were super detailed because I didn’t want to make it look realistic, I wanted to play with the simple shape of a skull.


To began, as usual, I sketched a few ideas and came up with my top 3.



It took me about 2 days but I got a final product I was pretty happy with. They are each different but they are all tied together with the colors used as well as the background shapes applied to each.

Here is my final product:



After finishing the design I wanted to see what they would like like if they were really printed and used. So I created a few mock-ups:

all sticker mock up


cover sticker mock up