The Ramones. Classic rock. Band t-shirts.

These are all things I love. So when I was assigned to make a t-shirt I thought “What can I do to change up the Classic Ramones t-shirt?” At first I thought I could do something with Ramen noodles. That did not fit the style and was a little lame. So then I thought what else sounds close enough to “Ramones”? ROMANS! As I did more research, tying in Roman history became the clear choice.


Here is my inspiration:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 10.11.13 PM


Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 7.57.20 PM



The Ramones modeled their shirt after the House of Representatives Seal. As I looked at the different pieces of the shirt I decided I needed to replace each aspect with a Roman element. The eagle became a roman eagle. The stars became the center of a roman shield. The circle above the eagle on the House of Pres. seal became a roman helmet surrounded by laurel leaves. The baseball bad and leaves became weapons. The shield became a classic Roman shield.

I started by sketching my ideas. This was very helpful as I figured each piece out. I tried different versions of my helmet as well as a few details. I also drew how I was thinking I could combine all my parts to make the whole seal.


sketch-1   sketch-2   sketch-3


My first draft didn’t include the total picture. Originally I thought I would make it simple with just a Roman helmet. As I thought about it more I decided to do the whole thing and tie in everything.




The next thing I did was begin creating my eagle. This is my first draft (still unfinished) of part of my eagle.




I got some feedback and tips on how to define the shape better. I used mimicking shapes to create shadows to define the shapes in my design. I also made sure to pay attention to how things were placed and shaded.

Here is my final design!






Here is one of the printed versions. (Playing with the colors here.)


tee-1 tee-2