How cool would it be to own your own rock climbing gym?


Well I pretended I did for a week and created a brochure I would want to use for my gym. As usual I began with sketching before I could begin designing on the computer. After sketching and figuring out my dimensions I began the real work. I utilized Photoshop, Illustrator, but mostly Indesign for this project. I started by getting some amazing photos from online (I didn’t have time or the resources to take my own shots). After a week of designing I came up with a simple and stylish brochure for my awesome (yet pretend) rock climbing gym.


P8-BrittanyBostrom-Pg. 1 & 2

P8BrittanyBostrom-pg. 3 & 4

P8-BrittanyBostrom-Pg. 5&6