Looks almost real doesn’t it?


This was all created using Adobe Illustrator, gradients, and lots and lots of circles.

For this project I began by looking at clocks and watches for inspiration. I decided I wanted to create a retro kitchen clock. Once again I started with sketching.Here are a few quick sketches and ideas. As I sketched I thought about where my light source was and how that would affect the colors, highlights, and shadows of my clock.

actual clock

Here is the clock that inspired me.


sketch copy

sketch2 copy


Fist I focused on getting the basic shape and idea of the clock. After completing my first draft it still had a ways to go. (It had a slightly cartoon feel to it.)

retro-clock copy


I decided that the main thing I need to utilize to make my clock look more realistic was gradients and blending modes. Using these the shadows and edges began to look a lot more real. The texture also adds some interest. The shadow behind the clock also gives it a much more realistic feel.

Here is the final product!