Product Redesign: Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo


The Project:

For this redesign project, I wanted to choose a product that could use some big design changes. After browsing through the local grocery store I found a shampoo that I had seen and heard about before with a design that could use a revamp. Mane ‘n Tail shampoo originally was intended for show horses with long, flowing manes, but their human counterparts soon discovered the quality and used it on their own hair. (Check out the full story on their website.)

Now that this shampoo is used widely and often by women I wanted to redesign their whole product to target those who would most likely purchase it. It is on the less expensive side and comes in a very large bottle. That in mind, I set my target audience as young, college age women who are looking for a good deal on quality hair products. College age women are usually unable to spend the big bucks on hair products but still want quality as well as quantity. This product would sell much more if its packaging was modern and simple. This modern, simple design style is very in right now and stands out on the shelve. Women are much more likely to buy a product that is presented in a visually pleasing way.




My process started by looking at other product redesigns to get my creative juices flowing. Creating a “Product Redesign” board on Pinterest helped me keep track of all my favorite designs. I also walked through the local grocery store, looking through the shelves, to see what stood out to me the most. There were plenty of good and bad designs, but the simple, minimalist designs seemed to stand out the most.



After figuring out how I wanted my product to be perceived, I began my drafting. Keeping everything as simple as possible, I cut down the text on the bottle to make a less busy feel. After figuring out all the information I needed to include, I began my layout. Alignment was key to keeping a clean feel. And that was a big focus as I began.


I then worked on a new logo for “Mane ‘n Tail” shampoo. I wanted a simple shape that would make you think of a horse mane without including a detailed horse. This would draw the attention of more women and portray that this is a product that people can use as well. Using 2 circles as a guide, I created a smooth curved line to create my logo with repeating shapes. At first, I tried to include a horse head as well, but vetoed that idea and opted for a simple icon logo. I then played with the coloring of the text to create a memorable logo.


Final Logo:


More Drafting:

After getting feedback from peers and my professor I changed the sizing of a few elements, darkened and bolded the text, and created a new bar code. The bar code was difficult to create an appealing shape while still being large enough to make sure it could really work if taken off the shelf and purchased.


Final Product:

The coloring was my last big change after practice printing and applying the label to the white bottle I wanted to use. The light, sage green color did not go well with my white bottle so, in the end, I decided to print on a clear sticker. This simplified the look more (leaving only 3 colors in the design) and created a product that could stand out even better.

The final product completely changed the look and feel of the original Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo. The new, wavy logo and minimal colors gave it a much more modern feel while still giving the idea of a horse mane. This modern feel will catch the eye of the younger, stylized shopper. Giving the product this more attractive and modern feel will increase sales as it stands out on the shelf and emanates quality.



Flat Package Design:


Fun Shots:



Style Guide Booklet:


Mane ‘n Tail Pitch Book by Brittany on Scribd




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