One great thing about being a photographer is you tend to have photographer friends.


Having friends who are great photographers means there is always someone there to take amazing pictures of you. I have been wanting to get portraits done of myself for my website as well as other work. But, unfortunately, I am a poor college student and can’t pay someone to do that for me. So I decided to propose an exchange of services to my good friend Katy.

The proposal was as follows: I take amazing portraits of you and you take amazing portraits of me. I was lucky to have Katy shoot me and was lucky to have such a great model as well. If you would like to check out her work here is her page.

This was the plan when I met up with her last week:


As we met I made sure to discuss where she would like her photos taken and what sort of style she liked. We went and looked at the spots and decided on what colors would be best in those areas.

We took the photos on the scheduled day at the scheduled time. The lighting turned out great! We were in alleyways and so we were able to get soft light as the sun light bounced off the walls and acted as a natural diffuser and reflector.

Things went very very well. Honestly everything went according to plans. We did end up trying a few different styles with her cute hat and fun background color. I stood with my lens in a tree and photographed her so that you could see some of the tree in the shot to create a unique but soft image. I loved how these turned out!

BrittanyBostrom--1 3


BrittanyBostrom--2 3


BrittanyBostrom--3 2


BrittanyBostrom--4 2


I also got some great simple head and shoulder portraits for a more classic feel that can be used for professional use.


BrittanyBostrom--2 2








then towards the end we got some great shot of her whole adorable outfit! I love all of these photos because they really show Katy’s personality: fun, cute, sassy, and amazing. That is so important when taking portraits. I love to see who the person is come through in their images.


BrittanyBostrom--1 2










I was able to give Katy her finished images tonight! She was very excited to see them.