Holding a flash with a snoot can create a great photo. Make sure to use the “triangle of light.”

Recently I have been looking into inexpensive, portable lighting to use for my photography. One solution I found is a Snoot. It is a simple way to control what your light hits. You simply place it on your portable flash and point it in the direction you want your lighting. My professor, Caryn Esplin, has given us some great pointers for using these snoots. She has shown us how to bend and move the snoot to get a great portrait as well as to get dramatic lighting on any subject.

For these images I used the Rogue FlashBender (which works as a snoot). I set up my subjects: an old bowl, telephone and my beautiful model. Then I help the snoot off to the side and pointed it at my subject to create a triangle of light between me, my subject, and my light. After seeing the results I can see that this is a very simple set up that can be used for great portraits on the go. The lighting can be very dramatic and mysterious  so the black and white enhances that feeling.


Brittany Bostrom, snoot, portable, lighting, black, white


Brittany Bostrom, snoot, bowl, portable, lighting


Brittany Bostrom, snoot, portable, lighting, portrait, black, white