I wanted to be able to have something physical to hold showcasing my photography and design, hence photobook.



For this photo book I wanted to showcase not only on my photography skills but my design skills as well. In both design and photography I love little details and continuity. The barred image shape is carried throughout my book; each spread has that bar element somewhere on the 2 pages. This pulls the whole book together and encourages the viewer to pay attention to the little details that I have included.

The main program I used to create this was Indesign. I set everything up using 3 different master pages and then went through and customized each page. Of course I also used Photoshop and Lightroom to edit my photographs. I also used Photoshop to create my barred shapes and images. Illustrator was also used to create my logo. I combined everything in my Indesign document.

It was such a good experience to see everything come together. Receiving the final printed book in the mail was so cool. I really love how my book turned out.