Baby Room Prints


The Project:

I am currently a week and a half away from my due date. This is me and my husband’s first child and we could not be any more excited… and terrified. As the big day has continued to get closer I wanted to create a piece of art for our little guy’s nursery. This piece needs to be meaningful and represent me and my husband so that our child can learn about his parent’s past so he knows where he comes from.


The Concept:

As I thought about what I wanted to do for this piece I looked through some of my favorite sites for inspiration. Not knowing exactly what I wanted to create, I was open to a lot of different styles and ideas. I came across some work that spoke to me from the Kindred Studio. I loved the illustration and the idea it conveyed. To me, it seemed to show the inner workings of the silhouetted person. It gave me an idea of what that person is like. I decided to take that concept and create my own scenes to represent me and my husband.

In the past, I worked on a project (a gig poster) which required me to focus on creating a scene using foreground, midground, and background. I enjoyed learning this technique using different colors to create the illusion of space. This poster was just a little portion of this skill and I was not able to practice it as much as I had wanted. This new piece, for my son, allowed me to further practice those new skills.

Our happy places:

Although my husband and I are very similar we are also very different. We both love to be outdoors and feel most at peace and happy when we are there, together. For me, there is something about being on the beach next to the ocean that gives me a sense of home that is hard to feel anywhere else. The coast is the place that I feel the most free and am able to forget all my worries. The smells, the sounds, and the view forces me to think only about where I am and forget my stresses. My husband has these same feelings when he is in the mountains and forest, surrounded by trees. He grew up in Seattle, Washington so you can see why he feels this way. He grew up surrounded by beautiful trees and foliage; this is where he feels most at home. The mountains are a place he can go to get away from the world focus on natural beauty.



Taking our two favorite places, I began to get an idea of exactly what I wanted to capture inside our silhouettes. There needed to be multiple layers of scenery so I could practice my new skills. I also wanted to create scenes that were from an interesting viewpoint (I did not want the scene to be viewed straight on, but to have some depth and interest). An important aspect of this project was to also have my husband involved; so after explaining my vision he sketched some scenes for me and we decided what we liked most and created these two final sketches together.



After finishing our sketches I put them into Illustrator and began creating the lines for our piece. Using the pen tool, I was able to bring our sketches to life. The next step was to create shapes out of those lines and then add color. For me, the hardest part is always color; color is so important and will make or break your design. I did not like the solid colors we were using at first so we decided to use gradients to add depth and create a more realistic feeling.





Final Product:

After playing a lot with different gradients and colors I decided on my final design. I used subtle gradients to create a slight fog in the forest, mountain scene. The beach scene has more dramatic gradients to create a bright sunset. While the two images are very different (just like me and my husband) they compliment each other with their similar layouts, angles, and contrasting colors. In the end, I decided to split up the two silhouettes onto separate prints which can either be framed or hung as posters.