You can find an extraordinary shot in any spot. I’m serious. Even an old chair might turn out interesting.

One of my favorite things is noticing the extraordinary in every day life. Some may think it takes to long to find that but in the end it’s worth it. I started this project by looking at an old chair and thinking how can I make this spot extraordinary? My answer was to use lighting to create a serious mood for my model as he sat in that old chair.

My second photograph was was on a shelf in my apartment. There is a little sailboat on that shelf that I decided would look great if I put a candle behind it to create the look of a sunset. Using a long exposure allowed the lighting to be enough that you could make out just the sailboat and nothing else. The polished wood on the shelf created a reflection which made the boat seem as if it was floating in the ocean. I’d say that’s quite extraordinary to get all that while sitting on an old shelf.

Sailboat on an old shelf.

On an Old Shelf.


ordinary shelf

The Ordinary Shelf.


serious lighting on an old chair

Serious Lighting.


ordinary old chair

Ordinary Old Chair.