Ever heard of Million Dollar Baby? Here’s my version of that movie poster!

This was an awesome project! First off, I loved Million Dollar Baby. It was a tear jerker, but a great movie, so I decided to make a different version of the poster. To start, I took the photograph using a speed light with a snoot on it to control where I wanted the light (mostly on my face). I then underexposed my shot and then turned on the speed light to get that dramatic effect.

There were quite a few movie posters I saw that had an almost black and white look with a red splash of color. One of those being the original movie poster:

original million dollar baby poster

I wanted to keep the same simple feel, but make it a little more modern and intense. To help me improve my design I had Douglas Phan, Tahlia Dyche, and Abby Bird critique my work. It’s always super helpful to get another person’s fresh eyes on your project.

Here’s the one I made:

brittany bostrom million dollar baby movie poster

One thing I learned while doing this poster is that you can get some pretty great effects by using a Photoshop action. I got this one from: http://graphicriver.net/