The 1940s was an era of men in uniform.


For this shoot we were able to dress our models in actual 1940s uniforms. We had a navy officer, a few pilots, and a soldier.  As they dawned their new uniforms we were transported back in time, to a day of young men being shipped off to war. A day when our newspapers and streets were full of propaganda to help fund WWII. A time when the American people had to band together in support.


BrittanyBostrom, bonds, propaganda, young, men

Buying bonds was one source of giving to the war fund and was highly advertised. For more vintage propaganda posters check these out.

Here are some of our handsome soldiers:

BrittanyBostrom, 1940s, WWII, pilot, black, and, white


BrittanyBostrom, 1940s, WWII, pilot, vintage


BrittanyBostrom, 1940s, WWII, pilot, young, men


BrittanyBostrom, 1940s, pilot, WWII


BrittanyBostrom, WWII, 1940s, working, on, the, plane


BrittanyBostrom, officer, WWII, 1940s


While every soldier had a different story and background; they had one thing in common: a longing for home.


BrittanyBostrom, 1940s, WWII, longing, for, home


BrittanyBostrom, 1940s, WWII, navy, officer