The toughest of any macro shot I have attempted has got to be the water drop shot.

The tough part is making sure that the drop itself is in focus and then if you want even more of a challenge you try to make what is inside the water drop (the fish eye effect, in the drop) in focus as well. My instructor, Caryn Esplin, gave me some great feedback. There were a few times when I thought I had the fish eye down but she would insist I could get my model’s face even more in focus. One way she suggested I do that was using a faster shutter speed and an external flash to light up the droplet. It was tough but I got better and better. The other shots weren’t quite as tough but still turned out great. I love photographing mushrooms because they have such a great texture and earthy color. Leafs are always fun as well with their bright green color.


Brittany Bostrom, macro, water, drop, fish eye, face, tough


Brittany Bostrom, macro, mushroom, water, drop, texture, earthy


Brittany Bostrom, macro, water, drop, green, leaf, color


Brittany Bostrom, two, water, drop


Here are some amazing examples of what you can do if you have the patience for water drop macro photography.