Long exposures can be so fun! Whether painting with light or recording its movement you are bound to get a great shot.


This is something new I have been trying. It has been so fun experimenting with light painting. After heading outdoor, I started by setting my exposure to at least 10 seconds so I had time to “paint” where I wanted my subject lit. (A large flash light is very important so you can get enough light in your shot.) The barn was the longest exposure (about 25 seconds). The stars didn’t take quite as long, but with the snow I had to be very careful where and how long I shined my light so it wouldn’t be too bright.

The last photograph of the orb was taken by setting a timer, running into frame, and then swinging a flash light in a circle. Sounds strange but gave a great shape. I was introduced to this idea through a fellow student, Ben Harker.


BrittanyBostrom, light, painting, barn, outdoor, long, exposure


BrittanyBostrom, stars, light, painting, long, exposure


BrittanyBostrom, orb, flash, light, long, exposure


Check out some great work from Dave Black. He is an expert light painter.