Ever since I was little I have loved dinosaurs. Jurassic Park is my all time favorite movie. After Jurassic World came out it got me real excited about dinos again. I decided to make that slight obsession with ancient lizards into a design project.

I chose my favorite dinosaurs from the movies (and a few that aren’t in the movies) and created little icons for them. I didn’t want to be boring or cutesy though so I went with an origami style. Don’t ask why… I’m not really sure. It just felt like a good fit. And you know what? I think I was right.

Here’s the finished product:




How did I get to that point? There was a loong process. I started with sketching. I looked up different dinosaurs and broke them down into key shapes. here are some of my sketches; let there be no judgement on sloppiness.

BrittanyBostrom-sketches-1 BrittanyBostrom-sketches-2 BrittanyBostrom-sketches-3


I took these sketches into Adobe Illustrator and began creating. I came up with a few different versions:

The first had only outlines. I like it but it seemed unfinished.


I then tried seeing what it looked like with no lines and only fill color. Still looked ok but was missing something.



Finally in the end I decided on creating shapes with gaps and color.



You likey?