Head shots can become very interesting when you have the right lighting tools and some creative energy.

This week was a fun one. I took studio quality head shots using my speed light and a soft box set up. It was so fun learning how to position the lighting set up to create flattering light on my models’ faces. I also practiced positioning my models to show off their jaw line and cheek bones.

Along with positioning my model I also learned how to create different lighting patterns to accent my models faces and create different moods. I used the butterfly and rembrandt lighting patterns, but my favorite style was split lighting. I tried to get a little more creative using an extra speed light as well as positioning my models face in a profile.

I got some great inspiration from Peter Hurley. He is a genius and has some great tips!






Butterfly Lighting


Rembrandt Lighting


split lighting

Split Lighting



profile split lighting

Profile Split Lighting




split lighting with an extra light

Split Lighting with an extra light