As music has slowly become more and more digitized. We have began to lose the art in the graphics on each album. However we still have gig posters. These are unique designs created for one “gig” on a specific night. They are large posters that are used to get the word out about the musicians show.

Inspired by this idea of bringing art back into music I created a gig poster for a made up band, Faded Folly. In my mind Faded Folly is a folky, laid back, unique, chill band.

As usual, I started my process with a series of sketches and ended up with a design involving a dream catcher and a dear skull. While I always sketch before creating this time I did a slightly different project. My professor challenged us to do a bunch of “thumbnail” sketches and then decide which we liked the most and sketch more of the one we chose.

sketch2      sketch

As I started my design process I decided I wanted something a little different than just a simple dream catcher so I created a double dream catcher. There was a few images online that inspired me for that.

double catcher     double

This was my very first draft:


After getting some feedback I thought I should add a little more interest and create more of a scene than just a simple object. So I scratched this basic idea and began to add a little more. I next came up with a few different arrangements. Neither of them really seemed quite right, so I took my project to my professor for his opinion.

split-skull       sklull-in-middle

After meeting with my professor and discussing the hierarchy of my piece I began my 2nd draft. I focused on making sure that the skull stood out more and added a background for more interest. I also played with overlapping to add interest.


After talking with my professor again I changed the placement of the words to the bottom left and made the skull larger to create a better composition. My finishing touch was a texture to give it a little more interest.


I feel that I have met the objective of creating a gig poster and creating the feeling of what the band sounds like. You can tell that it is a folky style but has a different twist. It is not super calm but isn’t exactly hard. It’s chill though and I think you can tell from the intense skull but the calm and simple background.