The hard part about food photography is waiting to eat the food, but in the case of the Lift Restaurant it was well worth the wait.


The Lift Restaurant, in Jackson Hole, was kind enough to let us photograph and EAT their deliciously gorgeous food. We used LED lights and window lighting to get a soft natural feel for the food. I used a fairly wide aperture to create a nice bocca on most of the images. We started with appetizers which included a soup with a spoon, a yummy dip, and of course bacon.

BrittanyBostrom, Lift, Restaurant, Appetizer, spoon


BrittanyBostrom, Lift, Restaurant, Appetizer, dip


BrittanyBostrom, Lift,Restaurant,Appetizer,Bacon


We then carried onto the main dishes which included a perfect lemon salmon, and a chicken shrimp dish.


BrittanyBostrom, Lift, Restaurant, main, dish, above lemon, salmon


BrittanyBostrom, Lift, Restaurant, main, dish, lemon, salmon


BrittanyBostrom, Lift, Restaurant, main, dish, cutting, lemon, salmonBrittanyBostrom, Lift, Restaurant, main, dish, chicken, shrimp


The Lift Restaurant was so great, not just because of their food, but because of the atmosphere. The lighting was on point as well as the staff. BrittanyBostrom, Lift, Restaurant, lighting


BrittanyBostrom, Lift, Restaurant, Waitress


BrittanyBostrom, Lift, Restaurant, business, card


Food photography really is very fun. Whether it’s the appetizer, main dish or just shooting the restaurant, there is always something delicious to look at. Melissa Hartfiel is a great food photographer and has some great tips.