Finding that fine art photo to print and put up on your wall can add a whole new feeling to a room.

As you can see below, finding the perfect fine art to hang on your wall can change the whole feeling of a room. There are so many great prints to choose from and I have quite a few in my shop if you want to check them out! When you find a great photograph you want printed large for your wall you have to be very careful to get a clear, beautiful image from the print. Many times, after editing your images, you may lose files. The most important thing is to never print a photo that has been sized down significantly or has a resolution of under 90 ppi. Another thing I always make sure to do is increase the sharpness so when it prints it’ll be crystal clear.


For this image I went to a green house on campus; I brought a speed light and underexposed my shot. Then I added in my light so all that was captured was the green leaf as my light hit it. This created the dark background (which I went in afterwards and cleaned up so it was completely black). There are a few more examples of this technique on my SQIBB (studio quality invisible black background) post if you want to check it out; I go into more detail about that process. I wanted my the green in my leaf to really stand out against the black so I increase the saturation. I debated as to whether or not to clean up the brown spots, but in the end I decided I like the variation and sign of real life for this photograph.


Brittany Bostrom, green, leaf, fine, art, print



My fine art print will be displayed in the Spori building here at BYU Idaho in the next couple weeks. Feel free to com check it out.

Here is my original photo with no edits (see the difference a little bit of editing can do?):

Brittany Bostrom, fine, art, no, edits



Here are a few images more I have recently printed and had on display at my school (BYU-Idaho) and turned out to be great examples of high quality prints.







If you would like to see more great examples of fine art photography check out Brice Harbert’s work. He is amazing!