Making a common, anger inducing mistake can be beautiful.


Many people who know me well understand that I am incredibly clumsy. I don’t think I can go a full week without dropping a plate or spilling a cup of liquid on myself. Because of this I often get very angry with myself (if only for a few seconds before I laugh it off). I have come to accept that breaking things, unfortunately, is just a part of who I am. In an effort to console myself after this realization I had the idea to find the beauty in breaking glass. I found that when you capture the moment of breaking glass, that frustrating mistakes become beautiful.

BrittanyBostrom, shoot, through, breaking, glass, splash, photogrpahy


BrittanyBostrom, dead, flowers, splah, photography, breaking, glass


BrittanyBostrom, grape, juice, breaking, glass, splash, photography


BrittanyBostrom, splash, photography, breaking, glass, cheerios


To capture these moments I got a lot of glassware (wine glasses, bowls, vases, etc) from a local thrift store. I set up 2 speed lights on either side of my subject. Then my husband used a sling shot to shoot through the glass. For some of the shots we dropped the glass as well. It made it particularly interesting when the glass was full of grape juice, cheerios, or dead flowers. Capturing not only the breaking glass but the splash made from the liquid made for particularly interesting photography.

Here are a few other examples of capturing splash in photography.