“Why Doing Nothing is Scary – And so Important.”

This is a graphic I created for an article about the importance of clearing your mind and doing nothing, if only for 15 minutes a day. The goal of the article was to encourage people to enjoy their down time without feeling anxious because they are so used to being busy. The graphic I created shows a mind being emptied and whats left is a calm soothing color representing peace from all the worries and business of the every day life.

To get my process started I created a word map and then sketched some ideas from those words. In the end I decided on a simple sketch and began my process in Illustrator.

wordmap      sketch     Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 5.03.29 PM



In Illustrator I began creating the basic idea using shapes and my pen tool.



Then I began playing with shading to create the feel I wanted. This added shaped without using distracting lines.



After adding my shadows in I began to play with the colors I wanted to use.




After getting some feedback from my peers and my professor I decided to change up the words inside the head. I decided to create a more chaotic scene by using different colors and sizes of words. This would then make clearer the idea that we need to empty our minds of the chaos and busyness of our everyday lives. The finishing touch was to add shadows to the faucet to create more dimension. I also changed the color and created a stream of words coming out of the faucet rather than just drops to symbolize the need to completely empty our minds.



To bring the whole idea together I wanted to make sure I brought the article back into my design so I created a few magazine mock-ups to show the graphic with the article.

mag layout

mag layout1