Brittany Bostrom: photographer, designer, creator.


Dear Readers,

Photography and design are the only two things I could spend all day doing. (Besides laying on the beach and playing in the waves; hence the beach theme.)

Let’s focus on photography for a bit. In college, at BYU-Idaho, I realized that not only do I love photography but I am pretty dang good at it (at least that is what I am told). I took a photography class and this is were my hobby became a lifestyle. I began to think in images. What I mean is, anywhere I went I began to imagine which angle would create the most interesting photo, what time of day this landscape would look the most beautiful, or how I could frame a face to be the most flattering.

After that class I was hooked.

This is where design comes in. After changing my major to Visual Communications, homework became a hobby. I kid you not, when I get an assignment to create a brochure for a company or design an add using a photograph and clever typography I feel like I am in my element. That might sound lame, but I honestly get so excited about design. After my first semester as a Visual Comm student my photography lifestyle was joined by design. Now, instead of just seeing the beautiful countryside landscape, I see the power lines and the shape those lines make as they cross paths. I see the contrast of the earth tones with the dark black of the lines and imagine how I could take that feeling and translate it into a design.

Through my classes and personal projects my life revolves around photography and design, or simply creation. I even dream about it. My husband has caught me sleep talking about my current projects. I have said, “Ooo I love that picture!” and “These need to be very opposite; they cannot be the same.” (I can only assume I was dreaming about design). Sometimes I can’t get to sleep because I am too excited about a project I am working on.

What I am saying is that I will always be this way. I can’t help but love to create.

A wise man once told me that when you aren’t counting down the hours at work you have found a job worth having.

That is how I know that photography and design is what I need to do. When I am working on a project I completely lose track of time. I never regret working a few more hours than planned. If I could have a job that involved this kind of creation I would have found a job worth having.



Below is my creative resume handout. This was a fun project; representing myself in design (using InDesign; wink wink) was harder than I thought it might be. I wanted to show even more of who I am and what my style is by taking photographs of my pieces with some of my favorite things.

As you can tell the beach is one of my all time favorite places.


BrittanyBostrom, back, business, card, creative, resume, handout


BrittanyBostrom, front, business, card, creative, resume, handout

This rustic tin is my all time favorite color: teal.


BrittanyBostrom, creative, resume, handout, with, card


BrittanyBostrom, creative, resume, handout, folded


BrittanyBostrom, creative, resume, handout, back


BrittanyBostrom, creative, resume, handout, front


BrittanyBostrom, creative, resume, handout, business, card

This is my husband’s hand and he is my all time favorite person.


The design process for this creative resume handout took some time. I started with a simple word doc resume to get my thoughts organized and figure out all the information I wanted to include. I wanted to create a simple design that still included a few little details. The circles created a nice pattern that wasn’t overpowering and related back to my logo. Carrying this pattern throughout my business card and resume created a cohesive feel. I kept the colors simple and drew the background and text color from my landscape image.

Here are my finished products:







If you see anything you like or would like to learn more about my work go ahead and use my contact page to get a hold of me! I would love to work with you!