Cinemagraphs catch the motion of a photograph to tell a story; these two tell the story of lovebirds around a campfire playing guitar.

This was one of the funnest project I have done yet. I had so much fun setting everything up and capturing images with video. The process to create a cinemagraph is fairly simple and had a great tutorial.  There was something about being outside around a campfire, enjoying the last rays of light, and playing guitar that made this shot even more special. You do have to be very careful and specific with how you set everything up. For example I had to make sure that my model’s (my husband) leg didn’t go behind the fire otherwise if his leg movement overlapped with the fire movement it would have ruined the feel of the cinemagraph. Seeing the finished product was well worth the trouble.


Brittany Bostrom, cinemagraph, fire, campfire, guitar


Brittany Bostrom, camp, fire, guitar, cinemagraph


I tried a few shots. Here is my first attempt and practice shot.

Brittany Bostrom, practice


I have quite a few amazing creative examples pinned on my cinemagraph pinterest board.