You always hear tales from the 1940s of love prevailing despite seemingly insurmountable odds.


As you look at these photographs imagine the pain and sorrow of seeing a loved one go off to war. In contrast imagine the joy and relief when that loved one returns and you are reunited. World War II changed the lives of millions. Some where lucky enough to meet their loved ones while serving our country. Some were even more lucky and were able to stay together during their service.

In this series I tried to recreate some of those emotions. We were able to barrow uniforms from the 1940s to create an authentic look and feel. We were also lucky enough to be on site with air crafts that were actually used in WWII (courtesy of Legacy Flight Museum). For some of the shots I wanted a sense of happiness and excitement upon being reunited. However, I did not want to be over the top.


BrittanyBostrom, couple, kissing, 1940s, flight, museum, reunited



BrittanyBostrom, couple, 1940s, flight, museum, piolet, reunited



I wanted to contrast this excitement with the subtle, yet unrelenting, pain of goodbyes. Couples had to (and still do) pretend to be strong and keep control of their emotions as they send their family off to war. While they try to smile for the camera to create memories their hearts are breaking inside.


BrittanyBostrom, couple, 1940s, flight, museum, off, to, war



Some were lucky enough to meet someone special while they were serving. This did not completely deaden the longing for home but it definitely gave them some comfort while away from their families.


BrittanyBostrom, couple, 1940s, airplane, flight, museum



BrittanyBostrom, couple, 1940s, flight, museum, goggles


If you would like to know more about this period in world history check out this History of WWII.