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The Project:

I am currently a week and a half away from my due date. This is me and my husband’s first child and we could not be any more excited… and terrified. As the big day has continued to get closer I wanted to create a piece of art for our little guy’s nursery. This piece needs to be meaningful and represent me and my husband so that our child can learn about his parent’s past so he knows where he comes from.


The Concept:

As I thought about what I wanted to do for this piece I looked through some of my favorite sites for inspiration. Not knowing exactly what I wanted to create, I was open to a lot of different styles and ideas. I came across some work that spoke to me from the Kindred Studio. I loved the illustration and the idea it conveyed. To me, it seemed to show the inner workings of the silhouetted person. It gave me an idea of what that person is like. I decided to take that concept and create my own scenes to represent me and my husband.

In the past, I worked on a project (a gig poster) which required me to focus on creating a scene using foreground, midground, and background. I enjoyed learning this technique using different colors to create the illusion of space. This poster was just a little portion of this skill and I was not able to practice it as much as I had wanted. This new piece, for my son, allowed me to further practice those new skills.

Our happy places:

Although my husband and I are very similar we are also very different. We both love to be outdoors and feel most at peace and happy when we are there, together. For me, there is something about being on the beach next to the ocean that gives me a sense of home that is hard to feel anywhere else. The coast is the place that I feel the most free and am able to forget all my worries. The smells, the sounds, and the view forces me to think only about where I am and forget my stresses. My husband has these same feelings when he is in the mountains and forest, surrounded by trees. He grew up in Seattle, Washington so you can see why he feels this way. He grew up surrounded by beautiful trees and foliage; this is where he feels most at home. The mountains are a place he can go to get away from the world focus on natural beauty.



Taking our two favorite places, I began to get an idea of exactly what I wanted to capture inside our silhouettes. There needed to be multiple layers of scenery so I could practice my new skills. I also wanted to create scenes that were from an interesting viewpoint (I did not want the scene to be viewed straight on, but to have some depth and interest). An important aspect of this project was to also have my husband involved; so after explaining my vision he sketched some scenes for me and we decided what we liked most and created these two final sketches together.



After finishing our sketches I put them into Illustrator and began creating the lines for our piece. Using the pen tool, I was able to bring our sketches to life. The next step was to create shapes out of those lines and then add color. For me, the hardest part is always color; color is so important and will make or break your design. I did not like the solid colors we were using at first so we decided to use gradients to add depth and create a more realistic feeling.





Final Product:

After playing a lot with different gradients and colors I decided on my final design. I used subtle gradients to create a slight fog in the forest, mountain scene. The beach scene has more dramatic gradients to create a bright sunset. While the two images are very different (just like me and my husband) they compliment each other with their similar layouts, angles, and contrasting colors. In the end, I decided to split up the two silhouettes onto separate prints which can either be framed or hung as posters.



Product Redesign

Product Redesign: Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo


The Project:

For this redesign project, I wanted to choose a product that could use some big design changes. After browsing through the local grocery store I found a shampoo that I had seen and heard about before with a design that could use a revamp. Mane ‘n Tail shampoo originally was intended for show horses with long, flowing manes, but their human counterparts soon discovered the quality and used it on their own hair. (Check out the full story on their website.)

Now that this shampoo is used widely and often by women I wanted to redesign their whole product to target those who would most likely purchase it. It is on the less expensive side and comes in a very large bottle. That in mind, I set my target audience as young, college age women who are looking for a good deal on quality hair products. College age women are usually unable to spend the big bucks on hair products but still want quality as well as quantity. This product would sell much more if its packaging was modern and simple. This modern, simple design style is very in right now and stands out on the shelve. Women are much more likely to buy a product that is presented in a visually pleasing way.




My process started by looking at other product redesigns to get my creative juices flowing. Creating a “Product Redesign” board on Pinterest helped me keep track of all my favorite designs. I also walked through the local grocery store, looking through the shelves, to see what stood out to me the most. There were plenty of good and bad designs, but the simple, minimalist designs seemed to stand out the most.



After figuring out how I wanted my product to be perceived, I began my drafting. Keeping everything as simple as possible, I cut down the text on the bottle to make a less busy feel. After figuring out all the information I needed to include, I began my layout. Alignment was key to keeping a clean feel. And that was a big focus as I began.


I then worked on a new logo for “Mane ‘n Tail” shampoo. I wanted a simple shape that would make you think of a horse mane without including a detailed horse. This would draw the attention of more women and portray that this is a product that people can use as well. Using 2 circles as a guide, I created a smooth curved line to create my logo with repeating shapes. At first, I tried to include a horse head as well, but vetoed that idea and opted for a simple icon logo. I then played with the coloring of the text to create a memorable logo.


Final Logo:


More Drafting:

After getting feedback from peers and my professor I changed the sizing of a few elements, darkened and bolded the text, and created a new bar code. The bar code was difficult to create an appealing shape while still being large enough to make sure it could really work if taken off the shelf and purchased.


Final Product:

The coloring was my last big change after practice printing and applying the label to the white bottle I wanted to use. The light, sage green color did not go well with my white bottle so, in the end, I decided to print on a clear sticker. This simplified the look more (leaving only 3 colors in the design) and created a product that could stand out even better.

The final product completely changed the look and feel of the original Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo. The new, wavy logo and minimal colors gave it a much more modern feel while still giving the idea of a horse mane. This modern feel will catch the eye of the younger, stylized shopper. Giving the product this more attractive and modern feel will increase sales as it stands out on the shelf and emanates quality.



Flat Package Design:


Fun Shots:



Style Guide Booklet:


Mane ‘n Tail Pitch Book by Brittany on Scribd




Braid Photo

Mane ‘n Tail




Pregnancy Facts

Pregnancy Facts: Info Graphic



The Project:

Being in my third trimester of my very first pregnancy, I have done a lot of research about this 9-month process. After all this research, I wanted to create an easy to read, visual representation of the new facts I have learned. I chose facts that I wondered about early on in my pregnancy: symptoms of pregnancy, the size of my baby, etc.




As usual, the first step of my process was sketching out my ideas. I started with drawing out some possible layouts that would help draw the viewers eye through my information. I tried different placement using leading lines from my shapes but ended up also using an actual line that ran through my graphic. Then I began sketching out specific parts of my graphic, such as the fruit, possible graphs, etc.




After sketching, the hardest part was arranging my information and visuals. It was very important to make sure there was a clear flow through each section so the viewer would continue reading. At first, I had a landscape version but after some feedback, I decided to change to a portrait layout. For each section, I made sure there was a visual element to represent the fact presented. Each visual was created by me, from scratch, in Adobe Illustrator except for the world map (I got that as a free vector from Making sure each section could stand alone and still make sense was very important.

1st draft:


2nd draft:



Draft Switch Up:

After being frustrated that my infographic wasn’t looking as professional as I wanted, I decided to switch everything up. I kept the same basic vector illustrations but changed all the coloring and style. I cut out some of the facts to add in photographic elements. This made my infographic much more interesting.


Using a tripod I took a few self-portraits to use for my infographic. I wanted them to be very simple and well lit. A window was my main light source; I stood in front of the window and took silhouette shots of myself using a timer on my camera. After choosing the best photos, I cut out my body (using Photoshop), adjusted the colors so they matched my design, then placed them in my Illustrator document.



More Drafting:

After adding those photos into my project I drafted some more. After feedback, I changed the placement and shape of the leading line as well as some of the colors and sizing. I changed a few details on the fruit vectors, finished the line, added my graph into the belly on the bottom and added my logo and sources. I have learned that the best way to get an outstanding finished product is to draft for days. Luckily I already had most my pieces finished so I just had to find a way to organize it all and decide on my final color scheme.


Final Product:

The finishing touches included checking the alignment of each element separately and then as a whole, changing the colors of some of the elements to clarify hierarchy, and adjusting my graph. I took my color scheme from my first image and then changed the saturation and darkness to select the rest of my colors. I had a few pops of orange but other than that I had fairly neutral color pallet. I chose a monotone and somewhat dark color scheme because pregnancy is long and hard. There are exciting and good parts but overall it is a difficult process until the baby finally arrives.


View on Pinterest!








Skull Sticker Set

Everyone likes a good skull sticker… right?

This project was a quick one. I decided to create a set of 3 stickers. I have always wanted to play with creating skulls so I took this project to do that. I didn’t want to do 3 of the same style however, so I chose 3 different styles. None of them were super detailed because I didn’t want to make it look realistic, I wanted to play with the simple shape of a skull.


To began, as usual, I sketched a few ideas and came up with my top 3.



It took me about 2 days but I got a final product I was pretty happy with. They are each different but they are all tied together with the colors used as well as the background shapes applied to each.

Here is my final product:



After finishing the design I wanted to see what they would like like if they were really printed and used. So I created a few mock-ups:

all sticker mock up


cover sticker mock up

Empty the Mind.

“Why Doing Nothing is Scary – And so Important.”

This is a graphic I created for an article about the importance of clearing your mind and doing nothing, if only for 15 minutes a day. The goal of the article was to encourage people to enjoy their down time without feeling anxious because they are so used to being busy. The graphic I created shows a mind being emptied and whats left is a calm soothing color representing peace from all the worries and business of the every day life.

To get my process started I created a word map and then sketched some ideas from those words. In the end I decided on a simple sketch and began my process in Illustrator.

wordmap      sketch     Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 5.03.29 PM



In Illustrator I began creating the basic idea using shapes and my pen tool.



Then I began playing with shading to create the feel I wanted. This added shaped without using distracting lines.



After adding my shadows in I began to play with the colors I wanted to use.




After getting some feedback from my peers and my professor I decided to change up the words inside the head. I decided to create a more chaotic scene by using different colors and sizes of words. This would then make clearer the idea that we need to empty our minds of the chaos and busyness of our everyday lives. The finishing touch was to add shadows to the faucet to create more dimension. I also changed the color and created a stream of words coming out of the faucet rather than just drops to symbolize the need to completely empty our minds.



To bring the whole idea together I wanted to make sure I brought the article back into my design so I created a few magazine mock-ups to show the graphic with the article.

mag layout

mag layout1




Gig Poster: Faded Folly

As music has slowly become more and more digitized. We have began to lose the art in the graphics on each album. However we still have gig posters. These are unique designs created for one “gig” on a specific night. They are large posters that are used to get the word out about the musicians show.

Inspired by this idea of bringing art back into music I created a gig poster for a made up band, Faded Folly. In my mind Faded Folly is a folky, laid back, unique, chill band.

As usual, I started my process with a series of sketches and ended up with a design involving a dream catcher and a dear skull. While I always sketch before creating this time I did a slightly different project. My professor challenged us to do a bunch of “thumbnail” sketches and then decide which we liked the most and sketch more of the one we chose.

sketch2      sketch

As I started my design process I decided I wanted something a little different than just a simple dream catcher so I created a double dream catcher. There was a few images online that inspired me for that.

double catcher     double

This was my very first draft:


After getting some feedback I thought I should add a little more interest and create more of a scene than just a simple object. So I scratched this basic idea and began to add a little more. I next came up with a few different arrangements. Neither of them really seemed quite right, so I took my project to my professor for his opinion.

split-skull       sklull-in-middle

After meeting with my professor and discussing the hierarchy of my piece I began my 2nd draft. I focused on making sure that the skull stood out more and added a background for more interest. I also played with overlapping to add interest.


After talking with my professor again I changed the placement of the words to the bottom left and made the skull larger to create a better composition. My finishing touch was a texture to give it a little more interest.


I feel that I have met the objective of creating a gig poster and creating the feeling of what the band sounds like. You can tell that it is a folky style but has a different twist. It is not super calm but isn’t exactly hard. It’s chill though and I think you can tell from the intense skull but the calm and simple background.

Inner Demons

We each have some sort of weakness that threatens to overtake us.

These personal demons vary from depression to addiction to insecurities, customizing themselves to wage war on our minds. At times it can feel like we become lost in their grasp.
These enemies are portrayed in this black-and-white photo project through the demonizing of hands. Black painted hands are used to portray this battle between the self and disorders, temptations, and downfalls as they attempt to take hold of the subject. The use of studio lights creates a dramatic mood that depicts the dark nature of these struggles. The backdrop, clothing, and (of course) the hands are all black to depict these inner demons.






Internship Campaign

Job Placement, Networking, Job Skills

Each of these ads were created for separate phases of our internship campaign. We had 3 phases; each focused on what an internship can do for students. We came up with 3 specific ways an internship can help students prepare for their future career. First, doing an internship will increase the chances of getting the job you want. Second, getting an internship is a good chance to increase your professional network. Third, getting an internship will increase your experience as well as job skills. Our goal, as Internship and Career Services, was to encourage students to get internships. Who would have guessed?

We started with the Job Placement portion.



Then moved onto Networking.



The last was Increasing Experience and Job Skills.


Romans Tee

The Ramones. Classic rock. Band t-shirts.

These are all things I love. So when I was assigned to make a t-shirt I thought “What can I do to change up the Classic Ramones t-shirt?” At first I thought I could do something with Ramen noodles. That did not fit the style and was a little lame. So then I thought what else sounds close enough to “Ramones”? ROMANS! As I did more research, tying in Roman history became the clear choice.


Here is my inspiration:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 10.11.13 PM


Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 7.57.20 PM



The Ramones modeled their shirt after the House of Representatives Seal. As I looked at the different pieces of the shirt I decided I needed to replace each aspect with a Roman element. The eagle became a roman eagle. The stars became the center of a roman shield. The circle above the eagle on the House of Pres. seal became a roman helmet surrounded by laurel leaves. The baseball bad and leaves became weapons. The shield became a classic Roman shield.

I started by sketching my ideas. This was very helpful as I figured each piece out. I tried different versions of my helmet as well as a few details. I also drew how I was thinking I could combine all my parts to make the whole seal.


sketch-1   sketch-2   sketch-3


My first draft didn’t include the total picture. Originally I thought I would make it simple with just a Roman helmet. As I thought about it more I decided to do the whole thing and tie in everything.




The next thing I did was begin creating my eagle. This is my first draft (still unfinished) of part of my eagle.




I got some feedback and tips on how to define the shape better. I used mimicking shapes to create shadows to define the shapes in my design. I also made sure to pay attention to how things were placed and shaded.

Here is my final design!






Here is one of the printed versions. (Playing with the colors here.)


tee-1 tee-2


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