Sometimes we don’t notice the beautiful buildings and homes all around us.


For this project I wanted to capture everyday spaces and highlight their beauty. We love to decorate and make our homes beautiful, but we very rarely photograph that hard work. One of the key things to remember when photographing architecture is making sure that your room is not cluttered and is nice and clean. Another great technique is to use HDR photography. Blending key parts of the frame give you are great photo.

If you are interested in architecture photography check out Michael Kelley’s work. He is amazing!

I have include the 3 shots I combined to create my HDR image so you can see what a difference it really makes.


BrittanyBostrom, architecture, bedroom, interior


BrittanyBostrom-1 BrittanyBostrom-2 BrittanyBostrom-3



BrittanyBostrom, architecture, interior, dining room


BrittanyBostrom-dining-room-1 BrittanyBostrom-dining-room-2 BrittanyBostrom-dining-room-3



BrittanyBostrom, architecture, interior, ceiling


BrittanyBostrom-ceiling-1 BrittanyBostrom-ceiling-2 BrittanyBostrom-ceiling-3



BrittanyBostrom, arcitecture, interior, stairwell


Some times you get lucky and don’t have to change much. Here is the original of this photo: