Exterior architecture is very cool.


This project I was able to take a more urban feel to my photography. I enjoyed capturing the old downtown feel and showing all the details of the brick and bars. The fire escape was so interesting with he blue sky. And the alley way had a very cool feel as well. Here are some other great alley way shots.

I have included the original shots that I used to create HDR images for these exterior shots.



BrittanyBostrom, architecture, exterior, alley


BrittanyBostrom-sized-5 BrittanyBostrom-sized-6 BrittanyBostrom-sized-7



BrittanyBostrom, architecture, exterior, fire, escape


BrittanyBostrom-sized-9 BrittanyBostrom-sized-10 BrittanyBostrom-sized-11



BrittanyBostrom, exterior, house, architecture


BrittanyBostrom-house-1 BrittanyBostrom-house-2 BrittanyBostrom-house-3